We specailize in house party entertainment. The California Bad Girls is also a female review. If you are a party planner or promoter or event planner. Call us and book today.
"Guys Night Out"
Entertainment for Men Only!

We offer experienced exotic club dancers, with costumes, props, entertaining ability, great looks and great attitudes of all ethninticities. We also have the most professional
M.C to carry the show!

All club and bar owners looking for a great way to bring in more business to your venue, booking exotic entertainment is a great way to do that. Female exotic dancers are real popular amoung the ladies these days. If your looking to add a new type of entertainment to your already entertainment schedule, or something new and fresh, then booking a live show with Female exotic dancers in your club or bar can really add some fun and excitement to your ambiance. Your customers will like the experience of exotic entertainment.

Female exotic dancers headlining your entertainment, can increase:
  • Customer base, attract new customers, and keep your regulars real happy
  • Drink Sales
  • Club Popularity
  • Door fees
  • Add to club ambiance
Our agency has club packages for you to choose from. From small shows, to medium shows, or larger more extravagant shows. Your selection in packages choices we offer can depend on your venue and your budget. We will assist you in how to get it going from the show package to the promotion of the show and more. We will work with you to make it happen!

Call us today and speak with an agent about booking your club entertainment with us.

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